If for some incredibly odd reason, it does end up that I have individuals  reading these posts I’d like to have a proper introduction. Thus, with what better way to welcome a reader to a blog than to say “Hello.” If that wasn’t sufficient enough, I can also say “Aloha” or “Hola” or “Bonjour” or ”     .” That last one was in ASL, so you couldn’t quite see it, but I did sign the word to you. Anyways…. With every great welcome, in the case of myself it was a heart-warming hello, comes a brief summary of whom an individual is. For myself, my name is David. I am currently living at the ripe, young age of nineteen. I survive and spend my times in a certain city of California. I am more than sure that you will discover where that is, but for the time being let it be that your knowledge of me is simply David, California, and Nineteen. I hope that whatever content, or lack thereof, that I supply will intrigue you, satisfy you, help you, encourage you, strengthen you, build you higher, humble you lower, show you that you’re awesome, show you that you’re not alone, make you curious, make you confident, teach you how to do a backflip, make you smile, and make you laugh. If you care to introduce yourself, feel free to leave a comment.

With Much Love & Care,

David J. M.


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