People are an Inspiration

Have you ever sat and wondered what effect you leave on a person. Not the irrational fear of teddy bears you left someone because of a prank, but an honest impression created in the space of a few seconds. I know my words may seem foolish, but I am quite sane in the membrane and I have a point to make here. There are many of you, among the few readers that accidentally clicked the link to this page, that feel insignificant. You find your existence more comparable to a fly than an actual human being. However, I would like to be of assistance in this matter, if you would so let me.

We, as human beings, are a peculiar creature. We experience this odd phenomenon known as feelings, a phenomenon that tends to direct the very decisions we make on a daily basis. [Now, understand, for those whose desire is to debate the validity of my previous statement, I ask that you not. I have a point to make, so just wait.]  Well, our emotions are affected by every situation, every inclination, every word, every smile, every cent and every dollar, every wave and every holler,  every “What’s Up” and every “Goodbye,” every laugh, and every cry. We’re moved to feel every moment of our lives. Constantly affected by the passing of the times and the shifting of the ground beneath our feet. Our moments make a memory that make that person. Crazy enough, you are a part of the process that make these moments.

Your smile illuminates the room, your laugh fills the halls with music, your brilliance paints your peers minds with wonder… You are like nothing that has ever existed on this Earth, nor will ever exist again. You are you, and that is incredible. People that pass you on the street, they witness you and cannot help but be overcome by curiosity. For the better part of a few seconds, a desire fills their heart and mind to know that which is you. Your unwritten story becomes a motivation to seek the truth. To seek you…

“Your smile illuminates the room, your laugh fills the halls with music, your brilliance paints your peers minds with wonder…”

What you have failed to realize, is that without your motivation to continue and fight, nobody will ever hear your story. Your story is more than a jotting down of a couple events and situations from birth to death. It is every beat of your heart since your inception. It is your every breath since your birth. It is every word since you were a baby. It is every step since you were a child. It is all of this, and yet, so much more. But, much more than this, can I tell you why it matters.

Yesterday, the old man walking across the street struggled to trek the journey over the dark pavement. His heart grew tired of the pain in his hips and back that caused much toil to travel about. En route to the other side and he caught a glimpse of you. The eighty-eight year old man, with impaired vision that softened every sight that he saw, worked arduously to focus his own vision. By the time things became much clearer, he witnessed the presence of smile painted smack-dab in the center of your face. In nearly ninety years of living he had witnessed much.

Travesty, heartache, loss, hurt, failure were among the few he had survived. However, what the man had come to understand was that his own existence was not defined by every situation, event, feeling and sentiment that came his way. Rather, it was his own existence that defined every situation, event, feeling, and sentiment. His perception of the world is what broke the shackles of control that his emotions and pains attempted to hold over him, and your smile reminded him of that.

Your smile can break the chains of someone’s bondage. Your laugh can tear down the walls of someone’s prison. Your words can send someone soaring above the clouds. Your existence can be the joy of another person’s existence. You can be the inspiration, you can be the change… all by being you.


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